1. Video clip of New Wave Theater and host, the late Peter Ivers.

    “It’s glow in the dark time.”

    Wikipedia tells you all you really need to know about the cult 1980’s television show that went from public access in Los Angeles to the USA Network:

    The show started with a montage of clips from punk/new wave acts while the title appeared and the theme song, an abrupt mixture of Fear’s “Camarillo” and The Blasters’ “American Music”, played. Ivers would appear at the beginning and end of each show wearing dark glasses, spouting a stream of consciousness spiel about life, art and music. Besides the top-billed music acts, short skits were shown, including Sri Maharooni, a chain-smoking Indian fakir speaking about the meaning of life, and Chris Genkel (played by actor Robert Roll), a pitchman hawking bizarre products for “gherkins” from his company, Genkel Wax Works, in Adonai, Illinois. Celebrities, including Debra Winger and Beverly D’Angelo, were known to show up at NWT’s tapings.
    Celebrate Peter Ives and New Wave Theater on Dec 18 at 92YTribeca with: Night Flight Presents The New Wave Theatre / Peter Ivers Party! The evening will featuring Pink Gherkins and surprise guests performing a set of songs made “famous” by Peter Ivers and/or artists who appeared on New Wave Theatre. A screening of an hour-long program of highlights from New Wave Theatre, a Q&A following the screening with Night Flight-creator Stuart Shapiro and filmmakers Ian Marshall & Josh Frank, AND! DJ’s from WFMU spinning deranged art-wave and yoga-core classics from the 1970s and 80s! Purchase your tickets here.

    Bonus Material: Here is a transcript of the clip above:

    “It’s of barnyard importance that Ginkels recognize that they’ve gotta learn to behave or we’ll never get to Humanity Central… And the radium void’ll be with us for a long time to come.

    Our techno-bent Aurthur Godfrey state leaves no room for transfusions and, once again, it’s up to the seers to slap the Ginkels through awareness. We know it looks hopeless, but it’s us together, and you alone, who’ll effect the changes we need. The Controllers don’t have the reason or awareness to change… And Art’s alarm clock role has been buried in museum-land.

    So new music makes noise and it IS! But remember, it’s what YOU’RE doing, it’s what it’s all saying to YOU. The message is, “Morty Ginkel, wake up or it’s glow in the dark time… yesterday.

    New music is get-up-and-die, and death is tomorrow’s beginning. FIND IMMORTALITY IN YOUR CREATIONS. “