1. Commissioner Ray Kelly On Stop-and-Frisk: “I Wouldn’t Want To Be Stopped, I Don’t Want My Time Taken Away From Me”

    Police commissioner Ray Kelly was at 92Y recently with Thomson Reuters EIC Stephen Adler.

    When discussion turned to NYPD use of stop-and-frisk, Kelly argued that with 19,600 patrol officers, this “amounts to less than one stop a week by patrol officers.”  

    "Some of my impression of it," Adler responded, "comes less from the statistics then just having African-American colleagues over the years talking about how different it is walking the streets of New York, if you’re black rather than if you’re white… and the feeling that you’re treated very differently."

    Kelly acknowledged: “I wouldn’t want to be stopped, I don’t want my time taken away from me…but if you look at the numbers, the lives that have been saved I think is dramatic. And where is it happening? It’s happening in minority communities.”

    Watch the video above. 

    (Source: 92yamericanconversation.org)


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