1. Today’s Google Doodle honoring Maurice Sendak’s birthday reminds us of the 80th birthday celebration at 92Y in 2008, an enchanted evening with a surprised Maurice in attendance. Watch the full program.

    Order of presenters:

    —Eleanor Reissa
    —Eyal Danieli
    —Linda Emond
    —Stephen Greenblatt
    —Stephen Gosling & Elizabeth Keusch
    —James Gandolfini
    —Dave Eggers
    —Chuck Cooper, Aisha de Haas, Kimberly Grigsby, Denis O’Hare & Alice Playten
    —Meryl Streep
    —Catherine Keener
    —Vince Landay, Spike Jonze and Max Records
    —Tony Kushner
    —Christine Quinn
    —Maurice Sendak

    Here’s a picture of Maurice at 92Y in 1967 as he prepares do his own live doodle on stage.


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