1. Wall Street and America: Muriel Siebert with Leonard Silk

    Remembering Muriel Siebert today, William Alden writes for The New York Times’ DealBook blog:

    "For a generation of women on Wall Street, Muriel F. Siebert was more than just a leader in finance; she was their point of reference.

    'The conversations always begin with Muriel,' said Susan S. Solovay, who, as one of the few women at the brokerage firm E.F. Hutton & Company, first met Ms. Siebert in the early 1980s. 'All roads led to her. She was at the very beginning for women.'

    The recording above features Muriel Siebert with Leonard Silk at 92Y on March 19, 1990. Their fascinating discussion covers the computer-driven revolution taking place on Wall St at that time, derivative products, volatile markets, the stock market crash of 1987, and much more.

    Related: Here’s Muriel Seibert with Ed Koch, Paul Volcker, George Mitchell, Pete Peterson, Dr. Deborah Marin and Leonard Lopate for a panel discussion on aging at 92Y last year. 

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