1. Four Ways To Create Social Change Through Social Media

    From our Deputy Director Henry Timms in Harvard Business Review, discussing #GivingTuesday.

    1. Think movement, not initiative

    2. Think upload, not download

    3. Think current, not currency

    4. Think tools, not rules

    "The challenge ahead, for any organization trying to create movements at scale," Henry concluded, "is not simply to master social media, but to learn to shape and support social communities."

  2. Another Social Media Week is winding down; Blackweb 2.0 and Mashable have posted full recaps of the Mashable NextUp NYC: The Future Journalist panel at 92YTribeca on Wednesday.

    The gist of the talk was how to remain relevant in a rapidly changing world of journalism. Mashable quotes Joshua Micah Marshall, founder of Talking Points Memo, who astutely noted: “It’s the people who are entering the profession right now that are going to create the editorial models, the publishing models, the business models, that define journalism in the 21st century.”

    Sprouting up like weeds on a local level, you can see professional and polished examples these models Marshall describes, with websites like Northampton Media in Western Ma and the New Haven Independent in Conn. operated not by newspapers but by individual “future journalists,” who are quickly and successfully moving into the vacuum created by traditional local news outlets unwilling or unable provide the content desired by local communities.

    Ideas and tips discussed on the panel included becoming digitally-oriented and building a trusted presence online. The importance of business acumen was highlighted, being a voracious consumer of media, as well as using social media:

    Being on deadline or in crisis mode is not the time to try and figure out new technology. When the plane lands in the Hudson, it’s too late to figure out Twitter. When your company starts layoffs, it’s too late to figure out LinkedIn. Start carving out time to learn new concepts and tools.
    "For the optimists," Mashable writes, "this is an exciting time of great opportunities, with more media being created and consumed than ever before." Read the full post here.

    Upcoming talks at 92YTribeca:

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